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POEM: THE ROYAL-FARMER, A Poem By Chikezie Amarachi


The royal-farmer

He sows his seed for abundant yield.

That will grow in a pleasant field.

The royal-farmer

He plants different many edible species

Of many different kind

That he can easily find.

As he look out from his garden

He noticed some seed

Which he does not need

Removing the weed, his flowers gladdens

Walking little further

Spotted a butterfly hovering over

His evening hour in the garden was very well spent

And he knows what beauty really meant.

With joy he walks towards his garden

And savour each scent

Looking out to find some weeds

The weed, his warning they never heed.

Until then, comes the day of harvest.

Chikezie Amarachi

Chikezie Amarachi is an SS1 Student of Christ The Way Secondary School Nnewi.

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