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Covid-19: Godwin Ugochukwu receives Pfizer coronavirus vaccine

Covid-19 Africa HEALTH

Godwin Ugochukwu has received his first dose of Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, second booster dose to be received after 28 days.

He received the vaccine together with the entire wiwo specialised hospital staff at exactly 1:57 pm at the ‘Polyclinique La medicale’ Kigali, Rwanda.

Ugochukwu has advocated for the need for the vaccine especially for the health workers saying that the vaccine is “A saver and not a kiler”

He has also written of the big hoax surrounding the covid-19 vaccine.

He said that “there are various conspiracies against the Covid-19 vaccine and most of them are believed to be politically motivated. What makes these conspiracies to be thriving is the fact that Covid-19 spreads very fast (highly contagious).”

Being able to spread easily can render vaccines useless, because vaccines are not medications that cure diseases – they are medications that prevent diseases

Godwin Ugochukwu

Ugochukwu is a laboratory scientist and a researcher who seems to be so focused on carrying out different health related researches. His resaerch has been published on different journals like Semantic Scholar and ResearchGate . It is equally on sale on different online bookshops.

Published by Scholars’ Press, the research/book titled “Milk Microbiology” is on sale on Amazon, Adlibris, Tales, Ex Libris,, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Saxo, MoreBooks, The Lazy BookShop, and others. The book which first appeared on MoreBooks, keeps appearing of different international bookshops.

The book is also on Doc Player

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