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JUST IN: IGP Adamu Orders Operatives to Crush ESN, IPOB

Just in Nigeria

The Inspector-General Of Police, Mohammed Adamu has ordered the police force to crush all elements of IPOB and its security outfit (ESN). He gave the order today during a visit to the Imo state police headquarters.

A group of unknown gunmen had in early hours of Monday attacked the correctional facilities in Imo state and freed over 1800 inmates and subsequently attacked the police headquarters burning the building and any visible vehicle.

The IG accused IPOB of carrying out the attack with its security outfit which IPOB had debunked that they have not hand in the attack. He has ordered his operatives to fish out the IPOB and ESN and crush them all.

The attack and claim that IPOB carried out the attack has raised issue as many were baffled that the IG and Nigerian security personnel are quick to say that IPOB carried the attack in less than 24 hours without investigation while the killings in Ebonyi state are yet to be investigated.

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