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I must educate the filthy pigs – Nnamdi Kanu.


Kanu seems to be burning with anger due to the current hassle between him and Asari Dokubo.

Remember in one of his current broadcast where he called the former warlord Asari ‘bloated pig’. Kanu said while he was still in prison that he gave Asiri 20 million who was so broke and poor that time.
Nnamdi Kanu’s live broadcast where he said he gave Asari 20 million.

Dokubo has denied the allegation demanding for evidence that Kanu gave him such amount of money.
Asari denies receiving any money from Kanu

Kanu wrote on his official Facebook account saying

“We must educate all animals in the Zoo including filthy Pigs”

“Here is a 17th Century Map of BIAFARA, yes (BI-AFARA) not yet Biafra but BIAFARA. Note that Biafra is the anglicisation of name BIAFARA which was a deliberate ploy by the British to remove any link between the indigenous Biafaran people and the name BIAFARA.”

“Till today there is a region called Anglia in England the same way you have Afara in Biafara. I am from AFARA in Ibeku, the same Afara we have in BI-AFARA. Fortuitously it was in this same AFARA that Biafra’s last capital was headquartered between 1969 to 1970.”

“Okpula Isiokwe is the sacred ancestral ground of Isiama people of Afara and it was at that same spot our eternal leader General Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu housed his government.”

“From that same Afara shall Biafra be restored not to be extinguished ever again. Biafara Regnvm means Kingdom of Biafara as stated clearly on the map below. It was not an earthly kingdom with men wearing its crown, it was the Kingdom of Heaven on earth with God Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama on the throne.”

Image of old map shared by kanu on his Facebook page

“What IPOB is doing is too deep, too spiritual and too divine; if you are not in the spirit you will not understand it. Mere mortals don’t know what BIAFARA restoration is all about.”

“Portuguese sailors had nothing to do with the naming of BIAFARA. All they did was note the name of place and the people.”

“When you are not educated enough to discuss issues above your station, simply shut up, keep still and allow yourself to be tutored.”

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