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Christmas: Most people got it wrong with Christmas and New Year celebrations

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Healthy eating

Christmas and New Year celebrations are big festive season observed by everyone, mostly Christians. People travel far and wide for those celebrations.

“Most times February is always marked with a high number of visits to the hospitals” Ugochukwu – a laboratory scientist explained.

The amount of drinks (mostly alcohol) consumed during these two celebrations is quite alarming, people also eat all sorts of foods including the unhealthy ones. The result of these comes out sooner or later.

W.H.O warns on harmful use of alcohol

Alcohol has been linked to many chronic diseases and disorders ranging from liver disease, cancers and violence. The fact that these conditions are most times very slow in their manifestation gave some people the disbelief that excess alcohol harms.

Christmas period has also received high numbers of unwanted pregnancy

February and first quarter of March usually receive high numbers of visitors with chronic disease in different hospitals, the problem is that people tend to justify their actions with their reasons.

Life will definitely continue after Christmas and New Year and drinks will always be present in and out of the festive season. Our health should he considered also during Christmas.

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