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Old boys call out on their alma mater to look into corporal punishment given to students in the school

A man named Nwagboso Vitalis Kosisochukwu has used his facebook to call on the adminitratives of a secondary school, which doubles as a junior seminary school to look into the kind of punishment meted out to students in the name of correction which he termed “Inhumane”

Many who seem to have passed through the same school have joined to voice out different ordeals they encountered during their studies.

see below

A commentator by name “Chukwumaobim Michael Okodo” noted that things are no longer as they were before. He said “That was terrible then. I now heard Asst. Formators are not allowed to lash more than 2 strokes (or is it 1 even). This was said to be ruled by the incumbent rector Fr Peter. And, I heard, the formation now is staked. Could it be now because of the caning?”

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