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Covid-19: IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu vows to continue Exposing the behind scenes in Aso Rock


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The IPOD leader say he would continue to say the truth about whta is happening in Aso Rock in Nigeria during the lock-down caused by coronavirus pandemic.
He made the statement through his verified Facebook account. He warned those that hate truth, honesty and transparency that listening to his broadcast tonight will cause them more harm than good.

He said “Our LIVE broadcast tonight (here at 7 pm GMT) comes with a dose of health warning. If you  know you hate the truth, cannot handle honesty and transparency; if your ethnicity or tribe, your relatives or friends are in Aso Rock starving millions to death, then listening to tonight’s program will do you more harm than good.
If you are part of Femi Adesina ’s gang of scamming photoshop merchants or those who are blind they cannot differentiate between a dead Buhari and a 45 year old Sudanese, those that connive with a few corrupt white men in Abuja claiming they are European Union diplomats visiting Aso Rock, or those Yoruba journalists and commentators that see no evil or hear no evil, Igbo Efulefu’s and pipeline security guards, your era of high wire deception will come to an end tonight”.
He said something worse than coronavirus will befall Nigerian during his broadcast.
“If you are a product of the Zoo, something worse than Coronavirus is about to afflict you and that is TRUTH, spoken here without fear or favour.
The 60 year fraud is over. Tonight we lay bare the Zoo the festering core of the animal kingdom and invite the world to examine the cesspit of iniquity created by the British for the habitation of animals in human skin”.

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