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Welcome To Cradle Trade Investment, a subsidiary of Recharge Platform Telecommunications


A new affiliate program “Cradle Trade” was recently launched to aid people in passive earnings. With the wave of Covid-19, many entrepreneurs have ventured to bring to life many business ideas and Cradle trade is one of such ventures. A site developed by TriumphDesigns with high security for the safety of the users was launched few days ago and is registered as a company in Nigeria under DARATECH LOGISTICS.

Within few days of its launching, hundreds of people have already registered and have testified its ease of use and genuineness.

How does it work?.

Register with a one time payment of ₦1000. Pay directly to the Company’s Account which is generated automatically after registration.
Your account will be approved within 12 hours of payment and you become an affiliate member with free choice to become a registered VTU agent.

As a registered member, you continue to earn from all that registered using your referral link till their 4th generations.
1st generation — 50% (₦500)
2nd generation — 25% (₦250)
3rd generation — 10% (₦100)
4th generation — 5% (₦50)

The good news is that you are not restricted with the number of your direct referrals. You can refer two, five ten, twenty or even hundred, depending in your target. You can equally request for withdrawal of your interest anytime.

It is a unilevel matrix which means that that your earning doesn’t depend on whether the level under you is growing or not, so you earn every time one got registered with your referral link.

Cradle Trade Investment has been designed in such a way that you earn from the fruit of your labour. One earns from 1st generation to 4th generation:

  • You earn ₦500 interest each from your direct referrals.
  • You earn ₦250 from your second generation.
  • You earns ₦100 from his third generation.
  • You earn ₦50 from your fourth generation.

The good news is that you earn once anyone registers with your referral link. Equally, you earn instantly once anyone registers through the link of any of your first or second or third generation.

Another good news is that you earn and can withdraw even if you refer only one person. Now, imagine referring 20 persons (₦10,000 interest) and each of them refers 20 persons (20 × 20 persons = 400 persons × ₦250 each) = ₦100,000.

Also if your second generation (now 400 persons) refer 20 persons each, your residual interest is 400 persons × 20 persons each = 8,000 persons × ₦100 referral interest for third generation, = ₦800,000.

Then, if your third generation (now 8,000 persons) refer 10 persons each, your residual interest is 8,000 persons × 10 persons each = 80,000 persons × ₦50 referral interest for fourth generation, = ₦4,000,000.

This is power of ₦1,000 and the power of marketing.

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