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Niger Coup: New Nigerien government gives French soldiers 30 days to leave the country, Chad absconds from any military action against Niger.

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(TT) – As Nigerian senate has declined President Tinubu’s requests to use military force in Niger, asking him to use all diplomatic means at his disposal, the new Nigerien government has given French soldiers 30 days to leave the country.

J.C Okechukwu has some analysis;

“Today is the D-day, and just early yesterday, when it appeared all was going according to plans, the head of French military in Niger was quoted as saying the new military regime in Niger should prepare to vacate the government house today, Sunday, for their preferred guy, the ousted Bezoum.

Incidentally, the last batch of the Wagner PMC units arriving in Niger, reportedly came in last night aboard an II-76 military transport plane as revealed in a video that some now think is fake, and it’s NOT. So, after their arrival, the Niger military announced a total cancellation of the military pact the country has with France, which is also part of the “pact for the continuation of colonization” that Dr. Arikana spoke about

Mali and Burkina Faso did the same thing and that’s how they got French soldiers out of their countries for good. This was coming on the heels of French soldiers refusing to leave, even after they had been asked to leave by the new administration. Their thought was that something was going to give.

But as it stands right now, even though things are still sketchy, it doesn’t appear ECOWAS is prepared and United enough for the so called military intervention in Niger. Even if it was, having the backing of Wagner PMC/RUSSIA and Algeria/Egypt and Burkina Faso and Mali, Guinea and other secrete supporters is something that if you were in ECOWAS’ shoes, you’d think twice about.

This is why the new Nigerien government has now gone ahead to give French soldiers 30days within which they are to leave the country, after wide consultations with their allies. And if after 30 days they don’t leave voluntarily, they’ll most likely be forced to leave. This is the situation right now. Also developing, Chad, which was supposed to be on the side of France just announced at the dying minute that it would not take part in any military action against Niger.

The French really really banked on Chad’s support, until the announcement by Daoud Yaya Brahim, the Chadian Defense Minister, a short while ago. That’s a huge hole in France’s so called broad alliance against Niger. Not looking good for them at all.

Also, the Algerian president, Abdelmadjid Taboun, speaking Saturday on Enahar TV network, was quoted as saying that “The possibility of foreign military intervention in Niger is an immediate threat to Algeria. We categorically reject any military intervention.” He also said, “Algeria has a border of a thousand kilometers with Niger.

There will be no solution without us, as we are the main stakeholders.” He then went ahead to ask the supporters of military intervention, “What is the state of countries where there have been military interventions? Look at what is happening in Libya, Syria. Possible military intervention could ignite the entire Sahel region,” he added.

Given the foregoing, I have serious doubts that the much talked about military intervention will ever happen. And if that is the case, it’s fair to say at this point that France has technically, potentially, officially lost another hugely, massively and strategically important colony in Africa.

A massive blow if you ask me. And the blow here isn’t even that France and the EU will lose access to cheap uranium and gold in large quantities, but the fact that this Niger thing will immediately embolden and activate sleeper cells of anti-French elements in the remaining pro-France colonies on the continent and give them the impetus to try.

Just in a matter of a few years, there may be not one pro-France or Pro-colonial Europe regime left anywhere on the continent. And like I’ve said in previous posts, I think AFRICA and Africans are ready! Africa my AFRICA!”


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