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The Black Sea Grain Deal – Why Russia canceled It By J C Okechukwu

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(TT) – Russia recently canceled the grain deal and instead opted to send whatever they can directly to the intended destination

The war in Ukraine has caused devastating crisis globally and the crisis seems not to end any time soon, prices for commodities are so high and the issue is getting more complicated following Russia’s decision to pull out of the grain deal.

J.C Okechukwu has this to say;

“Under the so called Grain Deal that allowed grain shipment from Ukraine and Russia to poor, struggling food-insecure nations of the world, which Russia recently canceled and pulled out from, grains were supposed to be shipped to poor countries where food insecurity is an emergency.

Sadly, according to a United Nations report as of even just a few days ago, less than 3% of grain meant to reach these so called poor countries have been sent to them. The rest went to European countries! Spain being the largest recipient! How? Europe suddenly joined the league of poor nations or just plain wickedness?

I think the former is the case. With Germany entering a historic recession and France fighting for its survival, the war in Ukraine has squeezed the life out of EU nations and no one is willing to admit this openly. Now that Russia has canceled the deal through which these EU nations were secretly feeding their own struggling and starving population, their mainstream media machinery is all at it again, telling the world that Russia’s decision will hurt African countries, which is a bloody LIE.

It is for the reason of this lie that Putin exposed what the west was doing with the grain that was meant to go to Africa. Russia initially agreed to the deal because it was gonna allow grains reach poor countries in Africa and elsewhere, but rather than let the grains go there, Europeans who were beginning to suffer food insecurity due to the war suddenly hijacked the entire thing, and began sharing the grains amongst themselves rather than send to the so called poor in Africa and elsewhere.

That’s why Russia canceled. Now, Russia has assured Africans that they will get millions of tonnes of grains directly from Russia and no longer through any deal. Russia also promised to ensure the fertilizers needed by African farmers will reach them directly from Russia as well, since the west also seized hundreds of thousands of tonnes of fertilizer meant to reach African farmers.

Look these things up and you’ll see for yourself. Makes you wonder who the real friend of Africa really is. So be not surprised at all, when you see the new crop of African leadership flocking around Russia and it’s leadership. We Africans just want to be treated with respect and as equal partners. Enough is enough!”

J.C Okechukwu is a Filmmaker, Media Consultant, Actor, Author, Activist, Conservative, Pro Life and a Lover of humanity

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