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2023: There is a grand plan to disenfranchise the Easterners using our own people, South East indigenes complain

Nigeria Politics
(TT) – There has been public outcry in the South Eastern part of Nigeria over what seems to be a plan to disenfranchise the voters for the forthcoming presidential election in 2023.

Notable political figure from the region, Mr. Peter G. Obi will be contesting for the presidential office after dumping the people’s democratic party (PDP) and has recently joined the LAbour Party (LP) on whose platform he would be contesting for the office after emerging as their candidate. There are several campaigns for the candidate both online and offline.

There are reports on various social media that INEC offices in the south eastern part of the country, particularly in Nnewi North L G A of Anambra state have no one present to attend to hundreds of people who came to validate their PVC.

Among the various posts made on facebook concerning the situation, these are few of them.

“Please I want to make this official report against INEC officials in Nnewi North L G A.

Wednesday was the 3rd time I was in their office to confirm my Voters Card as the rumours of invalidation of cards from 2011. None of the staff was in the office, Wednesday’s matter got me thinking because over 500 youths were stranded, standing in clusters, expressing their disappointments,no single officer was seen around.

This could be a grand plan to disenfranchise the Easterners using our own people against us. Please let’s get this report to the appropriate persons to take necessary actions immediately.”

Amam B Anunobi

“I was there last week too to validate mine, the way their office looked, it seems that they have not been in the office since this year

Muogbo Elochukwu White”

“So many persons complained about this particular issue. We have even gone there to see things for ourself and it is a reality and fact. We have even talked with the Electoral officer to see the possibility of bringing the registration to the Cathedral but it seems futile. I think they have plans”

James Enemuo

“Even Igbos in the northern part and Lagos state are facing the same problem.. what a calamity!!!”

Egbuonu Augustine

I was there yesterday 3rd June. None of the staff was there to attend to us as at 11am. The youths that come for the exercise were more than 200. In anger, I left the place. On coming out from inside the Local Government secretariat where I packed my car, the gate man showed me the Inec officers at one restaurant eating and drinking in jubilation while the youths were at their office stranded.

Patrick Akaigwe

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