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You betrayed your staff to appease Buhari – Fani Kayode


The former Nigerian aviation minister, Femi Fani Kayode blasted Access bank for sacking thousands of staff due to Covid-19 lock-down after donating 1 Billion Naira for the same Covid-19.

He wrote;

“You gave 1Billion Naira to the Federal Governmet to “fight” Covid 19 and the very next day you sacked thousands of your loyal and diligent staff.

You betrayed your staff and workers and turned your back on them when they needed you the most simply because you were more interested in your profits and in impressing and appeasing Buhari.

Access Bank, SHAME ON YOU!

Worse still you shut down 340 of your branches! With a stroke of the pen you have thrown thousands of people into unemployment at a time when they are already going through hell because of the Covid 19 scourge and the lockdown and you have destroyed many families.

Gbenga Oyebode and Herbert Wigwe, how on earth do you sleep at night?”

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